Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ahh Spring

I love spring.  It's in a tie with fall as my favorite season of the year.  I love to watch the changing of the see God's hand at work, turning the grass green, watching the tulips pop up through the ground.  Joyful and I got out and did some yard work today, trying to get some stuff done before we head to Europe on Thursday.  It's not very often that I actually enjoy mowing the yard...that first time or two in the spring is always nice, because that means that winter is officially over.  Baseball season has started (the Cubs are already sucking it up), it was almost 70 degrees today, and the Huskers are in the midst of Spring Football...gotta love this time of year.
Chances are good this will be my last post for a while, seeing as how Joyful and I leave for Europe in 5 days!!!  Huge amounts of thanks go to Nic and the rest of the Moores for watching the pets and the house for us.  It's nice to know that our big, ferocious beast of a dog will have company while we're gone...they always do a great job.  If they have parties, they clean up really good so we don't know, and there's usually pizza or some other kind of food in the fridge when we get home :)
Have a glorious rest of April...I know we will.

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Anonymous said...

You mean that huge dog doesn't eat all the leftover pizza?! Amazing!