Wednesday, November 19, 2008

so close....

I'm so happy we're leaving for vacation soon...I don't know how some people go years and years without going on vacation...I couldn't do it. I've only got 2 1/2 days of work left...I'm pretty much already on vacation mode at work, though...I'm hoping I don't have to actually work hard or think too much the next couple days...I got myself basically packed today, and I got plane and rental car confirmations printed out...made reservations for dinner in San Francisco at Supper that place. If you're ever in a city that has one, I recommend going (but only if you like fairly weirdo metrosexual places to eat)...we went to the one in Amsterdam when we went there since that was the original one, and it was a lot of eat reclined on a big giant bed, and you eat what they bring you...there is no menu...but it's declicious food.

It'll be nice to see Joyful's family and friends, but mostly it's just nice to go to new places with my wife :) We tend to cram a LOT of stuff into our days when we vacation so as to make the most of our time and this one should be no different...we'll be gone about a week and we've got an 8 page itinerary printed out...I think we missed our calling...we should quit our jobs and become tour guides...turns out it's fun looking up neat places to doesn't matter how podunk the town is...there's bound to be some cool thing or something with a neat story behind it.
I am sad that we'll be missing my family's Thanksgiving at Alice and Shane's, but we haven't done a holiday with Joyful's family in 7 years, so I suppose we're due...
I can't wait for Friday...hang out with Stan and Mel for Mel's birthday, go to the Nebraska Cigar Festival, head to my mom's house in Papio and fly out Saturday morning!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I just may be a psychic

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was predicting that the Huskers would win 9 games this season, counting a bowl game. I would just like to point out that Nebraska currently has 6 wins, with 2 games left, plus the bowl game. We play K-State and Colorado, both of which should theoretically be wins...K-State's a mess what with Ron Prince "resigning" and Colorado is, yesterday the coaches handed out the Blackshirts:

So one would think that the defense would be especially motivated the last 3 games of the season...9-4 would be a pretty sweet deal after the last couple years here in Lincoln...