Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned the big 3-2 today...not that 32 is any special age...I think Joyful and I are going to go to dinner somewhere since it's the Dine Out to Help Out night tonight...we're taking a little trip to Chicago this weekend to catch a Cubs game one more time this I guess that's my present from us :) I was reminiscing about my 30th birthday...that one was a surprise party at Teds with all our cigar buddies and then we did a surprise party for her parents' 50th anniversary at our house that weekend and since all that family was around we did a party for me that weekend, a ton of presents! That was a fun one...but it'll be nice to just have a nice quiet dinner with my amazing wife :) I got myself a lovely birthday cigar which I'm enjoying right now on the porch (wanted to lay in the hammock but it keeps raining...). Big parties are fun, but nice quiet nights are great too..

Friday, September 4, 2009

I can smell it... season in Lincoln, NE!! Only like 26 hours until the first game! Joyful and I are going to B-Dub to watch the game, thanks to a lovely birthday gift card from Alice (thanks so much)...we had thought about getting the PPV, but now we'll go'd be more comfy cozy at home, but it's fun to watch the game around a bunch of people. We're going to do the fair in the morning/early afternoon and then get over to BW3 early so we can actually get some seats...can't wait!