Monday, February 23, 2009

Hooray for KC!

So Joyful and I had a lovely time in Kansas City. We went down on Saturday for an Outlaw Cigar event. One of the brands that we really enjoy is called Tatuaje. The guy that owns the company is Pete Johnson. Outlaw had Pete Johnson for their event. We had never been to an Outlaw event before, but heard they were fun and sure enough, it was a good time. We went down with a few of our cigar buddies from the shop here in Lincoln...we were able to get a box of really limited edition cigars we got back in November signed by Pete and get our picture taken with him. We got there right when the thing opened so we got to talk with Pete for a little bit and learn about his plans for his next limited edition cigar...he was a very friendly guy and seemed down to earth for a person in his position. Here's a couple pictures for those who might be interested :) I found it kinda funny (though understandable) how incredibly aware of his image Pete seemed. You could tell he very specifically picked out everything he was wearing to achieve the look he was going for.

Pete signing our box of Tatuaje Franks, it says:
"To Todd, Thanks Bro - Pete Johnson"
Me and Joyful with Pete after he signed the box
Our group of friends with Pete