Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm gonna be a daddy!

Okay, so for most of you, that's not exactly news...but still...holy crap, I'm gonna be a daddy! I've known this bit of information for about 4 months now and I still don't know that I can wrap my brain around it...those of you with children can relate, I'm sure. People tell me I'll be a good dad, a fun dad...I certainly hope that's true...there's so many things I hope for our child...I hope he/she is better at school than I was...I hope he/she is more outgoing than Joyful or me...I hope he/she knows and loves God...I hope I don't screw it all up. I hear the whole thing is a lot fun and really frustrating. I'm so glad that we've got a great church family at Heartlands that we can lean on...I'm sure we'll be leaning on the Moores a LOT. It's so neat all the little milestones we've had so far...Joyful got to see our baby moving around on her last ultrasound (I didn't get to see it because we didn't know they were going to do an ultrasound at that appointment)...before too long I guess she'll be able to feel the baby moving around...I bet that'll be really neat and weird at the same time. Here in a week and a half or so we'll find out (hopefully) if it's a boy or girl...that'll be nice to know.

So far people have been really good for keeping their advice to themselves...I hope that continues. We'll gladly accept help...and stuff...turns out you need stuff...but for the most part we could live without everyone's advice.

Crazy stuff...I'm gonna be a daddy...

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